Title X Data Extraction and Submission to DHS

Ancilla Partners has launched a new project. This project provides Wisconsin's DHS with data from clinic’s Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with little involvement on part of the clinics. This is Ancilla’s first project with DHS, and we are excited to help reduce reporting burdens for health care clinics and to assist DHS with accurate data for federal reporting.

NAS/NOWS Initiative Data Portal

As a recipient of a 5-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), WisPQC launched an initiative focused on improving the care of women affected by opioids during pregnancy and infants affected by maternal opioid use. To support this initiative, Ancilla built a data entry and reporting portal to capture information on these patients. This portal leverages WAPC's PeriData.Net system to connect initiative-specific data between the two organizations.

Aortic Patient Registry & Data Portal

Ancilla built an Aortic Patient Registry for Aurora Health Care. This patient registry is a portal that allows Aurora Health Care staff the ability to securely track the care and outcomes of patients over time; electronically keep track of future patient follow-up visits and scans; and view data for processes and outcomes via reports built within the portal.


PeriData.Net® is a secure, web-based platform used by hospitals across Wisconsin to enter clinical perinatal care data. These data show the reality of perinatal care - what is working, what is not, and is an invaluable source for developing evidence-based recommendations and quality improvement. Ancilla's most recent development with PeriData.Net® now allows hospitals to upload a .csv file with birth record information directly to one or more hospital's data, further reducing the data entry burden for the facilities.

Direct Data Submission Portal

Ancilla Partners built the direct data submission (DDS) portal that Minnesota medical groups use to submit data for Diabetes, Vascular Care and Depression in 2008. Today, there are over 15 measures captured in the portal. The portal is the hub of all MNCM-related data, providing one location for MNCM to analyze data not yet available to the public, download the data to Excel, and export the data for Pay for Performance programs as needed. The portal feeds a public reporting site with live data, and also allows MNCM staff to add new measures, create new periods, and publish data to the public site.

MACRA Monitor

Ancilla has developed a new software for C3 to address the new Quality Payment Program reporting requirements under MACRA. MACRA Monitor automates detail operational budgeting to recommend specific configuration of your EHR, CQM, CPIA and PI data assignments to maximize Medicare reimbursement and drive your organization in the right direction.

Nonprofit Economic Data Project

An interactive database providing users with the ability to interact with the data from the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Economic Data Project (NED). NED is generating critical new information on the dynamics of the nonprofit sector by analyzing diverse datasets on nonprofit organizations, including data on nonprofit finances, employment and wages, and volunteering.